Welcome to our Messianic Synagogue
  • RUACH HA EMET | Spirit of Truth
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Welcome to our Messianic Synagogue

Ruach Ha Emet | Spirit of Truth Messianic Synagogue

Mission Statement

Messianics are both Jews and Gentiles who live a culturally biblical lifestyle. Our mandate is to proclaim the Gospel to Israel and the nations and make disciples to further God’s kingdom here on earth until He returns.

The Spirit of Truth

Ruach Ha Emet [Spirit of Truth] Messianic Synagogue and A Light To The Nations Messianic Ministries (ALTTN), a member of the Canadian National Baptist Convention, seeks to help Jewish people recognize that their Messiah has come and to help Gentile believers reconnect to their Hebraic roots.
“I will make you a light for the Nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth.” – Isa 49:6

In addition, by knowing the history and theology of the nation of Israel, believers are better equipped to share their faith with Jewish people.  One of the greatest stumbling blocks for Jewish people in recognizing that Yeshua (Jesus) is the promised Messiah according to the Hebrew Scriptures is their inability to see Christianity as the fulfillment or completion of Judaism.  If we change our terminology so that it is more culturally sensitive, explain how Yeshua fulfills messianic prophecy and assure Jews that they remain Jewish in identity and expression after they believe, a major stumbling block is then removed from them hearing the Gospel.