Weekly Prayer Meeting
  • 180 Barnardo Ave,
    Peterborough, ON K9H 5V3

  • Activity Haven, Room #10

Weekly Prayer Meeting

Weekly Prayer Meeting

We welcome you and your guests to join us for a time of intercession at our weekly prayer meeting. See, and be a part of our congregation as it flourishes.

A ministry’s success greatly depends on its prayer health.
-Rabbi Darryl

Prayer Meeting | Objective

  • to bring Messianic Jews and Christians to a mature experience of prayer in their relationship with God.
  • To bring our messianic ministry to a mature experience and dedicated practice of corporate prayer.

Both the individual and the ministry must have a strong prayer life for the Holy Spirit to work through them.

“Even though we may not take part audibly in the action, yet if we are there in a right spirit – there really to wait upon God, we marvelously help the tone of a prayer meeting.” -CHM


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