Me and My Fathers

Me and My Fathers

Me and My Fathers

This past Shabbat we heard a testimony (and then sermon) from Pastor Ben Peltz. A seemingly shy in nature young man with a fascinating story. I’ve included his testimony here…

Now what I found of particular interest in the similarities, shadowing my own life’s experience, when referencing his history with his ‘earthly’ father. See, we both had less than ‘stellar’ fathers, although I’m not really sure this is an isolated case. Growing up, and especially as a young man myself, I vowed to be the type of father mine wasn’t. I often spoke of him as to say, “I owe my father a great deal as to the man I have become,” …dramatic pause “because I do everything he did not.”

As men on earth, we have the chance to become fathers, and experience some of the same pleasures that our Heavenly Father feels in us. Fatherhood is a divine obligation, not to be taken lightly… but rather to be treasured. I am blessed with four children. Other than my service to God, my family is everything.

-Stephen J. Rosen

Now, don’t get me wrong. He was a good man, husband and friend. And as father’s went he was, for the most part, supportive. We never wanted for anything, and he was an excellent provider. It was as a father, and later a grandfather, is where he failed…

I will add to this post in the future, as voicing my thoughts on paper, at this time, are proving to be somewhat difficult, even for me.

God bless, and have a great week ahead.

Stephen J. Rosen
Husband. Father. Friend.


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